An Introduction Of Sorts.

So you’ve stumbled upon my little blog. Either completely by accident because you were looking for something entirely different, or because you like to see/hear what cool things you might have missed out on. Or, because you’re one of those people who isn’t sure what they should like and therefore seek out others opinions and portray them as your own. Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.

I’m not claiming to be some kind of all knowing know-it-all, but I listen to and like a whole range of different metallic bands. Not much in the way of mainstream metal, not really, but there’s no fun in listening to what the guy down the street is listening to is there ?

Mostly I’ll be talking about exciting new releases I’ve found and exciting new bands. Sometimes I’ll talk about classic albums any self-respecting fan of the darker side of metal should have heard by own. Sometimes I might talk about metal that isn’t super bleak. Sometimes I might not even talk about metal. Outrageous !

Hopefully you’ll find something of interest and perhaps visit more than this once.


2 thoughts on “An Introduction Of Sorts.

  1. howdy neighbor! spotted the “kvlt albvm ov the weak” post through a tag stream and giggled, so i figured i’d lurk yr blog a bit and see what other mirth could be had.

    any who, looking forward to future entries and maybe being introduced to some new tunes. loved the wanderer above the sea of fog comp, as well!

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