Kvlt Albvm Ov The Weak.

The honour of the third Kvlt Albvm Ov The Weak falls on the shoulders of the quite fantastic Taake, with a self titled album released in 2008. Taake is essentially a one man band, with Høst/Hoest (the spelling depends on which sources you have more faith in) being the sole member and creative force,  and recording everything heard on this record.

And what a record it is ! Just look at this cover. It’s the epitome of kvlt.

1. Atternat

2. Umeneske

3. Lukt Til Helvete

4. Doedsjarl

5. Motpol

6. September Omsider

7. Velg Bort Livet

Taake are (is) from Norway, the spiritual home of black metal, and the sounds and lyrical themes of the music are the embodiment of everything you’d expect Norwegian black metal to be. It’s desolate and dark, even the word Taake meaning “fog” in Norwegian. Hoest clearly has a lot of feelings about his country and birthplace.

The album kicks of with Atternatt, and Hoest having a bit of a shout. All the lyrics are in Norwegian and this song really sets up the atmosphere for the rest of the playing time. It’s an uncompromising start, vocals spat out over intense drum beats and a pace that never seems to stall. The riffs are heavy and sound as if they’ve been recorded in the middle of a dense forest. My favourite parts of the track are the “ughs.” You’ll know what I mean if you’ve heard this record before. If not, you are in for a treat !

Umenneske throws itself at you next. Full of hatred and loathing, the title translates to “Inhuman.” You can probably see where this is going. Around the four minute mark there’s a interesting break in the song, the bass is much more prominent, there’s even a noticeable groove. The guitars are fuzzy and the vocals are so full of spite you feel as though Hoest is personally attacking you. It’s brilliant. Two and a half minutes later, the wall of noise builds to a crescendo and lets you down in the most gentle manner possible. And just when you think it’s over; a drum sounds, the guitars kick back in, and there’s an almighty riff to play you out.

Doesdjarl is brilliant purely for the closing lyrics:

Svart Blod

Svart Sjel

Svart Natt

Svart Metall

Svart means “black” in Norwegian, so it’s safe to assume that Hoest enjoys exclaiming his love for the genre we all know and love. Black metal. Norway really is a breeding ground for this kind of “classic” black metal. Whereas the country doesn’t really produce new bands anymore, a lot of them that have been around since the early 90’s are still putting out new music and occasionally playing live. Taake being one the few that do both. However controversially.

Motpol hits next. A fairly slow song in comparison with others on the album. At least for the first two minutes. It’s got that groove we’ve come to expect, head nodding inducing and heavy as all hell. Long protracted screams and howls being the vocals of choice. Then the riffs speed up quite suddenly, you’re not quite sure what happened, but you know you like it. There’s what sounds like explosions and screams akin to a wild banshee. It’s really quite spectacular. The drums are insane here, still Hoest doing all this work himself (not all at the same time, of course). He’s clearly some kind of mad genius.

The album closes on Velg Borg Livet, which roughly translates as “Deselect Life.” Blimey. It’s a ten minute track filled with hostility and disgust, pounding drums and frenzied guitar work. It’s a relentless trip into a whirlwind of sound. After three minutes things calm down a tad, although you can still hear that voice dripping with spite over the low bass. It’s a technique used a number of times on this song. First you feel like you’ll never be able to stop banging your head, then it’s somewhat quiet. You think the song is over. But wait ! The beat starts again and you’ve lost yourself in a swirl of guitar, cymbals and a man wailing like his life depended on it.

If you like to feel as though you’re trapped in a never-ending vortex of abhorrence and contempt, Taake are surely the band for you. If that’s not your cup of tea…..what’s wrong with you ?

Here’s Motpol, featuring a nice picture of Hoest.

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