Today Is The Day….


This blog is now a little over a year old. I missed the anniversary of the first post because for some reason I’ve had things to do this week. It’s unprecedented. However, once I remembered that I started Bleak Metal around this time last April I spent at least one minute investigating the exact date and was distraught to realise I’d missed it by three days. How the gods wept (they didn’t, please don’t be concerned).

With that in mind I suppose I wanted to say a quick thank you for reading. Even if you think it’s awful, this place has led to some pretty great things and for that I am eternally grateful. If it wasn’t for Bleak Metal I wouldn’t have started to contribute to Scene Point Blank and Cvlt Nation and most recently Alternative Matter – a zine which has now merged with This Is Not A Scene and a move that I followed also. As well as writing on the internet I have somehow found myself somewhat regularly in Metal Hammer. I’m still not quite sure how it happened and I’m waiting for them to find out that I don’t actually know what I’m doing. Until then, my words are mostly in the Subterranea supplement in the magazine, the one part of a print publication that I always read and digested and took on board. It is an honour. Truly.

On top of all that I’ve come into contact with some incredible people and some of those I think I can call friends (yo, if we e-know/actually know each other and you aren’t down with this please inform me so I may remove you from this category) Whether I’ve met them IRL or not: people in PR, other writers that have been crazy supportive, independent labels, musicians, my editors and all round good dudes, I’ve met some great human beings this past year. If I had feelings I’d be wiping a solitary tear from my eye right now.

Eternal fucking hails.

Wow. That turned out to me very “me” centric. Sorry. I guess after writing about other people constantly you just need to get some things out there. Please accept this picture of black metal so you don’t think I’ve turned into a complete sap.


Check out their newest, With Hearts Toward None. It will ruin your life. Perfect.


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