Bleak Metal

Bleak Metal now has another presence on the World Wide Web.

Click here to be taken to the Facebook page for all things Bleak. I’ll be posting information pertaining to shows that I put on (Bleak Metal Presents Vol.2 will be announced next week), and subsequent talk about those shows. I’ll post my personal reviews and interviews and the like as well as any interesting bands and music that I stumble across.

I’m pretty excited about this next chapter for Bleak Metal. I never thought I’d be crazy enough to put myself out there like that (what if no one “likes” my page?!?!?) but, I would never have gotten into the writing game if I wanted to make friends – ugh, that’s just your opinion, guy. It’s been a wild few years and I’m stoked for the future, particularly after the amazing success of the first Bleak Metal show. It made my heart so glad to see so many people supporting the scene. It was truly a special event and I know that the bands were completely blown away by the reaction.

Metalperv TV were there and filmed a little footage, so please check that out!

Thanks for reading.

I mean….Hail Satan…



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