Kvlt Albvm Ov The Weak

I thought it might be interesting to do a regular “album of the week” update. No, that isn’t a typo up there. It’s a funny joke !

Considering most of the albums I’ll talk about are likely to be my album of the week anyway, these posts will mainly be about a classic album, or an album that’s been around for a little while too long to really count as new anymore. How fun !

I hope you realise that my use of the term “kvlt” is all in jest. Because, I’m sorry to say, this won’t be week upon week of chat about second wave black metal. Incidentally, this is the top voted definition of kvlt on urbandictionary.com:

Epitomising the musical ideals of sub-underground black metal – the kind of stuff that comes out in limited editions of 300 through vinyl-only labels based in a cave in Belarus. The exact requirements of kvltness vary depending on who you talk to, but usually involve icy, impenetrable production, black-and-white cover art, and concepts drawn from black magic, pagan myths or out-and-out nihilism.

Sounds about right. Although the term kvlt is now used in a kind of derogatory way. I’m sure you know what I mean.

This week then, it’s the turn of the almighty Darkthrone. I think, possibly, they’re my favourite black metal band and this particular album is the one that finally turned me onto the musical path I’ve taken. So I guess I can place the blame firmly at the feet of Ted and Gylve. I hope they don’t mind.

The album in question is Transilvanian Hunger. And is quite rightly considered a classic of the genre and is a prime example of the famous “necro” sound. Look at how grim this cover is.

1. Transilvanian Hunger

2. Over Fjell Og gjennom Torner

3. Skald Av Satans Sol

4. Slottet I Det Fjerne

5. Graven Takeheimens Saler

6. I En Hall Med Flesk Og Mjød

7. As Flittermice As Satans Spys

8. En As i Dype Skogen

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