The Round Up Tapes // Volume X

ColdWorld – Autumn


The eight years since ColdWorld’s debut Melancholie² has only served to increase the attention on Georg Börner’s one man project, and while the somewhat enigmatic German hadn’t outright said the band was over, the hope for a follow-up dwindled with each passing year. Melancholie²  is a record that speaks of emptiness, despair and sadness and is often deemed a starting point for anyone interested in depressive black metal. It’s by no means perfect, but the atmosphere that is captured is one of an artist using his medium to guide him through moments of anguish and with new record, Autumn, that feeling is wrought in ever more stunning ways.

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Oskoreien – Oskoreien

I first heard about Oskoreien after acquiring a pretty sweet compilation album by the name of Der Wanderer über Dem Nebelmeer. The title is taken from a famous painting, The Wanderer Above The Sea Of Fog, translated obviously. And also a Wolves In The Throne Room track. And if you know anything about Wolves In The Throne Room, then you’ll have a rough idea about what kind of musical stylings to expect from Oskoreien.

1. Illusions Perish

2. Entropic Collapse

3. River Of Eternity

4. Transcendence

5. Ashen Remains

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