Woods of Desolation – As The Stars

Woods of Desolation’s incredible Torn Beyond Reason from 2011 was a definite highlight of that year and its cold, harsh soundscapes made for a record which evoked a journey into the depths of winter – quite the feat considering they’re an Australian band but one that was deftly handled and sorrow-laden in all the right places. The Woods of Desolation of 2014 is an altogether different animal, with sole member D. eschewing Tim Yatras’ (Germ, Autumn’s Dawn, ex-Austere) recognisable shriek for another voice and thus creating an atmosphere that feels considerably warmer in tone, but no less harrowing for the change.


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Woods Of Desolation – Torn Beyond Reason

Woods Of Desolation. The name pretty much explains all you need to know about what kind of music you’ll hear. The band formed featuring members of the quite glorious Australian band Austere, so look to them for an inkling as to how this band sounds. That’s not to say that they’re the same band at all. Woods of Desolation take what Austere built and take it to a new level of sorrow.

1. Torn Beyond Reason

2. Darker Days

3. An Unbroken Moment

4. The Inevitable End

5. November

6. Somehow…

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