Barshasketh // In Conversation

Last month found The Round Up Tapes exploring Barshasketh’s newest record, Barshasketh, and further to that study a conversation with Krigeist and GM was had. Below are the results of that conversation which was conducted via email.

For those not familiar, what is the history of Barshasketh? How did the band come together and how has the geographical distance that now exists affected the way the band works?

Barshasketh started off as Krigeist’s solo project over a decade ago. After he relocated to Edinburgh in 2010, he set about piecing together a lineup from local musicians, initially strictly for the purpose of playing live shows, but in time some of these live members were made permanent. Unfortunately, just as we were settling on a stable lineup, Krigeist ended up having to leave the UK in 2014 as his visa was revoked and BH, our drummer at the time, ended up leaving the band due to some rather unfortunate family issues. Undeterred by these logistical challenges, we continued to work on our music remotely and replaced BH with MK. We simply fly in members and plays shows with very minimal or non-existent preparation- as crazy as this arrangement seems, it actually works surprisingly well thanks to the discipline and dedication of each of our members in preparing the material individually.  

As it stands we’re spread across three different countries, and no two members are even based in the same city. Although it’s not always easy to do what we do, as long as we feel we’ve got something to say as a band, we’ll find a way of making things work.

Photography: Porta Atra

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The Round Up Tapes // Volume XVI

Barshasketh – Barshasketh

Originally a one-man band from New Zealand, founding member Krigeist’s relocation to Scotland brought new opportunities to enhance his music and after session members and live line-ups were solidified, Barshasketh began to take the form that we see today on their fourth full-length, Barshasketh. Stripping back their sound to that of their early days, Barshasketh are reclaiming the essence of black metal and while their music isn’t breaking down barriers or smashing genre lines, the expertise and musicianship on display here is more than solid and definitely worth multiple listens.

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The Memory Remains. 2015 in review.

2015 is over and 2016 looms, full of promise and optimism but, in all likelihood it’s going to be much the same as the year before it and the year before that and the year before that……etc etc…. Every year I try not to have too many expectations about what the following twelve months will hold and instead try to take one day at a time and hope that through some kind of cosmic circumstance, that things will be OK. That my family will stay well and that they will be happy and that the struggles they face will become less.

2015 was, on the whole, a good year. My day job went well and continues to do so. For the most part my family are doing great and I saw my little brother get married in the summer, which was incredible despite having to sit in a church for that length of time. Writing took a little bit of a back seat and I found myself struggling to get as excited about it as I used to. It turned into a chore and I thought it best to allow myself some time to regain the joy in writing. I still get paid a little for some work and I continued to do that, but this blog and other online outlets suffered as a result.

I found myself not listening to as much music as I could have and usually do. That I wasn’t listening to a record unless I was writing about it (which as you can see from above, I didn’t do too much of) and so my pleasurable listening came from the occasional musical crush – you don’t want to know how many times I’ve listened to Enthrone Darkness Triumphant in the last six weeks.

As well as that, I have a physical ailment (it’s a super gross ganglion on my right wrist) that is preventing typing for extended periods of time and I finally went to see my GP about it. Fingers crossed that during the beginning of this year I get some news on when it can be operated on. The recovery is a month or more, so I’m not sure how things will go from there but it will save a lifetime of pain and medication.

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Bleak Metal Presents: Hordes + Barshasketh plus KRAWWL and Turn To Stone

After the outrageous success of the first two Bleak Metal shows, we’re super pleased to announce the first live action of 2014 will feature two of the bands previously hosted plus two brand new and experimental black metal acts.

Much was said of the Caïna event and while not everyone quite understood what Andy was doing, there was certainly a lot of buzz surrounding Hordes and Barshasketh.

With that in mind, I thought it would be pretty cool to get them both back next year along with two exciting new projects. KRAWWL are an experimental duo with an unorthodox approach to black metal and are enigmatic to a fault.

Turn To Stone is so new that the gents involved only came up with a name during the last few days and are self-described as “Nick Cave does black metal.” Both are extremely promising acts and Bleak Metal is very pleased to be working with them.

The event will be held at The Unicorn in Camden Town on January 12th and as per usual, entry will be free of charge. Come, drink beer, see great music.

januaryListen to some music if you still need convincing.




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Caïna. Hordes. Barshasketh. London.

This happens tomorrow and you should be as excited as I am stressed. It’s going to be great and if you miss the live return of Caïna then you’ll be kicking yourself for all eternity. Bleak Metal is going places so come celebrate the evolution of this little blog by drinking beer and watching black metal happening in front of your very own eyes.

Set times are as follows:
Barshasketh: 8-8.40pm
Hordes 9-9.40pm
Caïna 10-11pm

Bleak Metal is taking on new dimensions and is extremely proud to announce the first of what will hopefully be a long running series of events.

We are completely honoured to be presenting Caïna live for the first time in a four years at Camden Town’s The Unicorn.

Caïna hasn’t been a live entity since 2009 (in support of Jesu and Kayo Dot in London) and this will be the first time the project has either played London, or live since that date. This is an extremely exciting event due to Andy Curtis-Brignell disbanding Caïna after 2011s Hands That Pluck was released. The decision to return is one that nobody expected, least of all Andy himself and this performance will go against anything you thought would happen.

The event takes place on September 6th and as is customary, will be free to enter. In addition, we have the grim Hordes as well as the wonderful Barshasketh both playing London for the very first time.

This promises to be a fantastic evening. Don’t miss it.

 Official Event Poster. Designed by Zac Broughton. Bleak Metal banner by Robbie Paterson. Apocalyptic skyline by Cheryl Carter
Official Event Poster. Designed by Zac Broughton. Bleak Metal banner by Robbie Paterson. Apocalyptic skyline by Cheryl Carter