Greed & Rapacity : In Conversation

Greed & Rapacity - Loki BoundGreed & Rapacity are a collective in the most unusual sense. The two members are set apart by the huge expanse of the Pacific Ocean yet have created a work of true unity and passion with their second release, Loki Bound. Bleak Metal was given the opportunity to talk to Greed & Rapacity, and true to form the answers to the questions put to them are answered in one voice, speaking on behalf of both members – H. Lauer, and D. Nahum. – which creates a sense of complete and total oneness. With each other, and with the challenging tone of utter horror found on Loki Bound.

Loki Bound is a deeply unsettling thirty-two minute journey. The music is claustrophobic and it’s very nature is one of bizarre and dissonant structures of sound. H. Lauer’s vocal technique is almost unrecognisable as human at times and it’s this powerful bridge to another world that gives Greed & Rapacity their abstract beauty. The record is based on the Norse myth of Loki, and in particular his experience of banishment and binding, and of torture and deep, unholy thoughts.

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