Wreck And Reference – Black Cassette

Electronic doom huh ? But that’s not even a thing !

Well. That’s where you’re mistaken. Because electronic doom is probably the best label you can put on Wreck And Reference. A band creating doom soundscapes using naught but electronic wizardry. And some drums.

1. All The Ships Have Been Abandoned

2. Surrendering

3. In Chains, Awakening

4. Evening Redness

5. Desire, Ether

6. A Lament

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Oskoreien – Oskoreien

I first heard about Oskoreien after acquiring a pretty sweet compilation album by the name of Der Wanderer über Dem Nebelmeer. The title is taken from a famous painting, The Wanderer Above The Sea Of Fog, translated obviously. And also a Wolves In The Throne Room track. And if you know anything about Wolves In The Throne Room, then you’ll have a rough idea about what kind of musical stylings to expect from Oskoreien.

1. Illusions Perish

2. Entropic Collapse

3. River Of Eternity

4. Transcendence

5. Ashen Remains

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Verwüstung – Beyond The Watercolour Sunset, We Feel New Life

Verwüstung is a solo project belonging to one half of a most excellent band called Airs (I’m going to be doing a piece on them very soon !), and this is his most recent release. So recent in fact, that it’s only been available for a day.

It’s a one track album, and whilst most people would probably call this an EP, the creator of the music is more inclined to call it a full length. And at twenty eight minutes long, I’m not going to argue with that.

1. Beyond The Watercolour Sunset, We Feel New Life

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Woods Of Desolation – Torn Beyond Reason

Woods Of Desolation. The name pretty much explains all you need to know about what kind of music you’ll hear. The band formed featuring members of the quite glorious Australian band Austere, so look to them for an inkling as to how this band sounds. That’s not to say that they’re the same band at all. Woods of Desolation take what Austere built and take it to a new level of sorrow.

1. Torn Beyond Reason

2. Darker Days

3. An Unbroken Moment

4. The Inevitable End

5. November

6. Somehow…

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