Ecocide – When Will It End?

San Antonio based Ecocide have sadly split up (an event which occurred some time ago), but to continue their legacy Tofu Carnage Records are set to press a collection of previously unreleased material on vinyl. Four tracks of powerful and driven sludge make up this new compilation and show that Ecocide are certainly going to be hugely missed on the crust sludge scene. Blackened choruses showcase a knack for melody and deep growls of utter contempt permeate the oppressive atmosphere of When Will It End? with rage and outright disgust at the horrors of the modern world.

Their first and self titled LP was an important record in terms of message and action, and it’s a huge shame that Ecocide will no longer continue. Their history and legacy will live on though, through When Will It End? which is a huge and heavy work, and one that consistently reveals new layers of sound and tone through repeated listens.

Ecocide - When Will It End - Cover

Heidi – Violin and Vocals, Brian Gordon – Guitar, Nick – Guitar, Brian Slaughter – Bass, Elliott – Drums

1. Despair
2. Pain
3. When Will It End?
4. Barren

Morose and saddened landscapes drift into When Will It End? via the melancholic use of vocalist Heidi’s violin passages which lend a deeper and more somber arc to proceedings. Ecocide bring a new dimension to their chosen musical path with a classical abstraction that lifts them above their peers. There’s a fluid intelligence to these recordings and as the journey unfolds, it becomes ever more apparent that Ecocide had something interesting and fresh to say despite the never-changing problems that we face as people, just trying to get on in this world. It’s kinda depressing when you think about it, but we need bands like Ecocide who are unafraid to throw their message to those who run our lives.

When Will It End? runs through shades of complete dejection to cries of wild emotion. There is a semblance of control over the vocal lines, but it’s clear that Heidi has a deep connection with her lyrical themes and her passion is so clear through the mists of anger of title track “When Will It End?” Rhythmic notations lead the track into ever more thrilling territory, the violin shining over the stuttering wails of the guitar and the emotional resonance of the song strikes with distressing fire.

“Barren” closes When Will It End? on a mournful edge, the track slowly moving towards an inevitable and profound finality. Ecocide writhe in genuine and painful gestures of intent, and it becomes apparent that this was a band with so much more to say than time has allowed. If you managed to catch them play their final shows in December 2012 then colour me extremely jealous. But let us hope that the future allows Ecocide to continue their role as musical activists…the world would be a better place for it.

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