Nonsun – Good Old Evil

Nonsun are a two-piece from Lviv in Ukraine and they deal in crushing tones of doomed out sludge and droned atmospheres of wondrous heaviness. Having emailed me way back in Janauary (sorry), Nonsun definitely piqued my interest and I’ve been meaning to get around to this for three months nearly. I am a terrible person and for that, I apologise.

Nonsun - Good Old Evil - Cover
Goatooth – Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Keys
Alpha – Drums

Good Old Evil is their first release and Nonsun have certainly started things off in the best way possible and whilst it’s clear that this demo is a little rough around the edges, Nonsun are all the more fiery for it. Here’s hoping that they don’t lose that fire, but if first track “Jesus’ Age” is anything to go by, that seems very unlikely. Roiling in twisted rage, Goatooth’s vocal knows no boundaries in its anger; there’s a message in the words wrought by Nonsun, and whilst a little of the meaning may have been lost in translation none of the impact is absent. It’s palpable and there is a noticeable and uncomfortable tension in the sly progressions and moments of tripped out haze.

Droned soundscapes punctuate an otherwise relentless attack of huge riffs and weighty rasps of holy despair and the occasional and stunningly beautiful guitar lead bursts through the darkness to lift “Rain Have Mercy” beyond the typical sounds of the genre and lead into the painful tones of “Message of Nihil Carried by the Waves of the Big Bang.” Distraught feedback charged with an electrifying sickness gathers, clouding the mind and destroying any semblance of safety. The wonder of “Rain Have Mercy” is quickly abandoned and Nonsun follow through from “Message…” into the straining beats of “Forgotten is What Never Was.” Rich organ-like keys drift into the mesmerising structures of this final track and Nonsun’s heavier than thou manifesto comes to a chilling close with ramped up drones of feedback and haunted, monotonous strikes on the keyboard.


Follow Nonsun on facebook, and head on over to their bandcamp page and download the EP,OK?

Check out the video for “Jesus’ Age” below!

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