Yob + Pallbearer and Bast // The Underworld, London 08/09/14

Occasionally a live show comes along which proves to be utterly compulsory to attend. For those that miss out on said event, the jealously is all-consuming, for those who were lucky enough to grab a ticket early on, the glow of happiness is hard to ignore. One such show was Yob’s appearance in London along with the phenomenal Pallbearer (for many, the main draw) and local doomsters Bast at The Underworld in Camden.

yob tour

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Pallbearer – 2010 Demo

Last week I happened to listen to this band whilst in the presence of my mother. “What the hell are you listening to ?!” she asked, I gave her the band name and she replied with “Pallbearer ? I suppose it does sound like being at a funeral.” I love my mum. It’s the slow, processional style that gives this impression. The sheer heaviness of the music. It’s doom at it’s best.

1. The Legend

2. Devoid Of Redemption

3. Gloomy Sunday

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