Pallbearer – 2010 Demo

Last week I happened to listen to this band whilst in the presence of my mother. “What the hell are you listening to ?!” she asked, I gave her the band name and she replied with “Pallbearer ? I suppose it does sound like being at a funeral.” I love my mum. It’s the slow, processional style that gives this impression. The sheer heaviness of the music. It’s doom at it’s best.

1. The Legend

2. Devoid Of Redemption

3. Gloomy Sunday

I’d heard about this band a few times before actually getting around to listening to it. I hadn’t really gotten into much doom before so I was unsure whether to even give it a try or not. Sure glad I did! It’s probably my favourite demo from last year – that I actually only heard this year. But still, the sentiment is there.

The most obvious comparison for this band would be Black Sabbath. So if you happen to be a fan of them, then this is definitely music you need to hear. It’s like playing a Sabbath record on the wrong speed so that everything seems to take twice as long. And it’s as heavy as all hell.

The first track is The Legend. And an excellent introduction to the band. The fuzzy bass tone and genuinely epic nature of the vocals really leave you wanting more. I’ve seen this band being compared to another band I’ve mentioned here, Warning. And it’s a much deserved observation. The song comes in at nearly nine minutes and the tone and feel of this and other material on this demo is certainly similar to Warning and 40 Watt Sun. The lyrics seem highly personal and there’s also a touch of sadness in the voice.

Devoid Of Redemption is up next, again clocking in around nine minutes. Most three track demos would be over by now, but Pallbearer certainly know how to hold your attention. The sound here is crushing, the riff around four minutes is a particular highlight and the closing minute is just incredible. The vocal really coming into its own, and you too feel a little bit bereft.

As well as these two original songs, this demo features a cover version of a song most people would associate with Billie Holiday. Whilst that might sound like the most bizarre thing you ever did hear, just you wait. It’s absolutely glorious. Pairing the lyrics for Gloomy Sunday, already incredibly sad, with the Pallbearer sound is inspired. It’s a song about death and perhaps even suicide (really listen to the words), and it’s a perfect closing for this first taste of things to come.

Pallbearer are recording their full length and hope to release it this year. I for one, cannot wait.

The Legend.

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