The Round Up Tapes // Volume VIII

Bleak Metal turns five years old today. What?!? Where does the time go? Time flies….etc etc…. But honestly, five years is a long time and also no time at all.

I’ve chosen to talk about three bands that are shaping the future of metal (one them has been doing so for as long as I’ve been listening to metal) and will continue to do so. They are bands that push forward, bands that are passionate and bands that create music that speaks to all aspects of the human condition. Two are bands releasing their debut records and one is a band on their seventh (and probably the most “mainstream” album you’ll ever see on here). Here goes….

Ancst – Moloch


Ancst have been making music for a number of years (they were reviewed here way back in 2013) yet Moloch is their first official full length. That’s not to say that the band have been taking it easy, oh no, this is a project that have no concept of taking it easy and the time since their inception has been coloured with EPs, splits, compilations and a rigorous touring schedule. Moloch is the sum of all that effort and is a record that speaks of despair, darkness, inner turmoil and social awareness. It’s furious for the most part but there are small shining moments that are shaded with sadness and regret and pack an emotional heft that is all too real.

Ancst talk of the huge problems we face as a collective society and Moloch is their manifesto; the album allows them to vocalise their concerns and the result is a furious, deadly record that has no room for breath. It’s fast and moves with an impressive speed, opener “Moloch” setting the pace immediately. “Behold Thy Servants” incorporates a gorgeous guitar line that works against the harsh, punishing vocals and creates a varied harmony that settles under the skin before blowing all semblance of peace away with a ramped up section that leaves you winded. Ancst are terrifying in their ability and the melding of black metal and hardcore works entirely in their favour. There’s room for intensity and sadness in equal measure and Moloch holds both close to its core. The album is an emotional journey and truly a step up for the band. They have so much to say that ten tracks doesn’t seem like anywhere near enough time, but for a band so prolific, finding the time to voice their opinions won’t be difficult at all.

Check Ancst’s bandcamp for information on buying Moloch and their back catalogue.

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Pallbearer – 2010 Demo

Last week I happened to listen to this band whilst in the presence of my mother. “What the hell are you listening to ?!” she asked, I gave her the band name and she replied with “Pallbearer ? I suppose it does sound like being at a funeral.” I love my mum. It’s the slow, processional style that gives this impression. The sheer heaviness of the music. It’s doom at it’s best.

1. The Legend

2. Devoid Of Redemption

3. Gloomy Sunday

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40 Watt Sun – The Inside Room

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to decide what album should have the dubious honour of being the first post for the past twelve hours. It seems like such a massive decision (it’s not really), but I thought I needed to give a fairly approachable album at first. Something not too out there or extreme or mad. And this album has basically been ruling my musical life since it came out.

So here it is:

1. Restless

2. Open My Eyes

3. Between Times

4. Carry Me Home

5. This Alone

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