Kvlt Albvm Ov The Weak

Thorns. You might have heard of this band. And if you haven’t, I can’t help but wonder what exactly you’ve been doing with your life.

I’ve done some very in depth research to prove to myself that this is not a band a lot of people know of and learnt that over the past week, the most played Thorns track scrobbled to last.fm had 63 plays. Whereas say, Emperor (check out the Emperor/Thorns split), has 645. Yet Thorns are a highly influential band, black metal through and through. So kvlt that they’ve only released one full length record in the twenty plus years since their inception. Probably because founder Blackthorn (Snorre) was imprisoned for eight years for his hand in the infamous murder of Mayhem guitarist Euronymous. If you can track down the early Thorns demos from a time when they were still called Stigma Diabolicum, then do. For no reason other than they’re excellent. Which is reason enough, right ?

1. Existence

2. World Playground Deceit

3. Shifting Channels

4. Stellar Master Elite

5. Underneath The Universe A

6. Underneath The Universe B

7. Interface To God

8. Vortex

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