Kvlt Albvm Ov The Weak

I know, it’s been ages since I last wrote something proper here. I’ve been too busy not having a life and….. well….. Skyrim kinda took over.

Worry not though, the ever majestic world of kvlt albvm’s is here to save the day. This time around, it’s Worship. Fucking doom. Yes, ok, it’s not black metal as most of these kvlt albvm posts have been, but the story of Worship is pretty fucking kvlt. I swear. Have a look!

1. Whispering Gloom

2. Solicide And The Dawning Of The Moonkult

3. Eclipse Of Sorrow

4. Worship

5. Keep On Selling Cocaine To Angels

Last CD Before Doomsday was once upon a time only available on tape, shockingly called, Last Tape Before Doomsday. Those Worship lads, such jokers. Last Tape Before Doomsday is actually a demo put out in 1999, and reissued on disc along with the final track (originally found on a split with Belgian grinders Agathocles) in 2004.

Worship formed in 1998 in Germany, with “Fucked Up Mad” Max Varnier on vocals (and I believe drums for this demo) and Daniel “The Doommonger” Pharos on guitar (“The Doommonger” now handles vocal duties). The tape received a pretty great reception by all accounts and is probably one of the greatest funeral doom records around.  The tone and atmosphere surrounding it is one of complete and intense despair. If you’re playing funeral doom, you’re likely not a happy kinda guy and the absolute effort of living resounds quite somberly throughout this piece.

Worship disbanded soon after the suicide of vocalist Mad Max Varnier. Varnier threw himself off a bridge in 2001 whilst preparations were being made for their full length debut Dooom; a record that finally saw the cold, bleak light of day in 2007 becoming an instant classic of the genre. The total misanthropy felt by Varnier is present via his deep, growling, consummately hate-filled vocal. It’s downright pure in it’s antisocial moroseness and none more so than in a perfect moment of genuine grief and torment during “Selling Cocaine To Angels.” A scream so profoundly full of burden your heart stops upon hearing it.


Last CD Before Doomsday is a truly authentic funeral doom record. Mournful in it’s composition and devastating in it’s execution, Worship had on their hands a demo so impressive it could stand as a complete work. Laden with despondence and utter gloom, it’s an hours worth of desperation and torture, and magnificent with it.

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