Kvlt Albvm(s) Ov The Weak

It’s been a little while since I made a Kvlt Albvm post and so in honour of my outrageous laxness I bring two Albvms for your consideration this time around. Hailing from Forth Worth, Indiana, PTAHIL deal in some of the most disgustingly filthy black metal there is. It’s gross and weird and dirty and great and their last two releases – For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory and The Almighty Propagator of Doom and Despair – are enough to make you want to vomit everywhere. It’s cool though, that’s what we want from black metal, right?

The trio are due to enter the studio to record a new full length this summer, so let’s take a step back into their history and have a look at why you should be interested in this group.

PTAHIL – D. Luathca (Vocals, Guitar), J. Lokison (Bass – a new addition to the fold and therefore not present on the recordings discussed), J. Mhághnuís (Battery, Spells)

For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory

ptahil - satanic
The Almighty Propagator of Doom and Despair
ptahil - almighty

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Kvlt Albvm Ov The Weak

This edition of Kvlt Albvm Ov The Weak is a little different to others. Don’t be alarmed, it’s still totally dark but not in the way you’ve come to expect.

This time around….it’s AFI. OK, it’s not “trve kvlt grimmmmmmmm” black metal (deal with it); but this record is incredibly dark and twisted and there’s a depth to it that I appreciate more and more as I get older and older. I guess I should explain.

I love AFI.

They are the first band I really and truly fell for. I mean, I liked bands before that and Metallica were the first band I really got into, but there was something about AFI that spoke to me a on level I hadn’t experienced before. And I was fourteen. What the hell did I know?!?!

Black Sails in the Sunset still sounds as good today as it did the first time I heard it. The record after this, The Art of Drowning continued on the gothic path forged by it’s predecessor and then came the magnificent Sing The Sorrow. What happened after that….no one likes to talk about. So let us relive the glory days of one the most vital punk bands of their day.

1. Strength Through Wounding

2. Porphyria

3. Exsanguination

4. Malleus Maleficarum

5. Narrative of Soul Against Soul

6. Clove Smoke Catharsis

7. The Prayer Position

8. No Poetic Device

9. Weathered Tome

10. The Last Kiss

11. At a Glance

12. God Called in Sick Today

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Kvlt Albvm Ov The Weak

I know, it’s been ages since I last wrote something proper here. I’ve been too busy not having a life and….. well….. Skyrim kinda took over.

Worry not though, the ever majestic world of kvlt albvm’s is here to save the day. This time around, it’s Worship. Fucking doom. Yes, ok, it’s not black metal as most of these kvlt albvm posts have been, but the story of Worship is pretty fucking kvlt. I swear. Have a look!

1. Whispering Gloom

2. Solicide And The Dawning Of The Moonkult

3. Eclipse Of Sorrow

4. Worship

5. Keep On Selling Cocaine To Angels

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Kvlt Albvm Ov The Weak

Thorns. You might have heard of this band. And if you haven’t, I can’t help but wonder what exactly you’ve been doing with your life.

I’ve done some very in depth research to prove to myself that this is not a band a lot of people know of and learnt that over the past week, the most played Thorns track scrobbled to last.fm had 63 plays. Whereas say, Emperor (check out the Emperor/Thorns split), has 645. Yet Thorns are a highly influential band, black metal through and through. So kvlt that they’ve only released one full length record in the twenty plus years since their inception. Probably because founder Blackthorn (Snorre) was imprisoned for eight years for his hand in the infamous murder of Mayhem guitarist Euronymous. If you can track down the early Thorns demos from a time when they were still called Stigma Diabolicum, then do. For no reason other than they’re excellent. Which is reason enough, right ?

1. Existence

2. World Playground Deceit

3. Shifting Channels

4. Stellar Master Elite

5. Underneath The Universe A

6. Underneath The Universe B

7. Interface To God

8. Vortex

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Kvlt Albvm Ov The Weak

This Kvlt Albvm Ov The Weak is technically a new release. The music has been kicking about since 1990. Yet it’s only just recently seen the light of day. Hence the title. And it’s kvlt as fvck status. Bow down before the almighty Beherit.

1. Rehearsal

2. Grave Desecration Vengeance

3. At The Devil’s Churns

4. Nocturnal Evil

5. Whores Of Belial

6. Witchcraft

7. The Oath Of Black Blood

8. Six Days With Sadistic Slayer

9. Demonomancy

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Kvlt Albvm Ov The Weak

I thought it might be interesting to do a regular “album of the week” update. No, that isn’t a typo up there. It’s a funny joke !

Considering most of the albums I’ll talk about are likely to be my album of the week anyway, these posts will mainly be about a classic album, or an album that’s been around for a little while too long to really count as new anymore. How fun !

I hope you realise that my use of the term “kvlt” is all in jest. Because, I’m sorry to say, this won’t be week upon week of chat about second wave black metal. Incidentally, this is the top voted definition of kvlt on urbandictionary.com:

Epitomising the musical ideals of sub-underground black metal – the kind of stuff that comes out in limited editions of 300 through vinyl-only labels based in a cave in Belarus. The exact requirements of kvltness vary depending on who you talk to, but usually involve icy, impenetrable production, black-and-white cover art, and concepts drawn from black magic, pagan myths or out-and-out nihilism.

Sounds about right. Although the term kvlt is now used in a kind of derogatory way. I’m sure you know what I mean.

This week then, it’s the turn of the almighty Darkthrone. I think, possibly, they’re my favourite black metal band and this particular album is the one that finally turned me onto the musical path I’ve taken. So I guess I can place the blame firmly at the feet of Ted and Gylve. I hope they don’t mind.

The album in question is Transilvanian Hunger. And is quite rightly considered a classic of the genre and is a prime example of the famous “necro” sound. Look at how grim this cover is.

1. Transilvanian Hunger

2. Over Fjell Og gjennom Torner

3. Skald Av Satans Sol

4. Slottet I Det Fjerne

5. Graven Takeheimens Saler

6. I En Hall Med Flesk Og Mjød

7. As Flittermice As Satans Spys

8. En As i Dype Skogen

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